Wage Advisory Committee recommends minimum wage increase

Labour Minister Claudette Joseph said that the Minimum Wage Advisory Committee set up by Government to review the wage for 14 categories of workers named in the Minimum Wage Order has recommended an increase to workers and has identified new workers to be included in the order and a liveable minimum wage.

The Committee, chaired by Dr Curlan Gilchrist, is established under Section 51 of the 1999 Employment Act. The other members are Justin Campbell, Brian Grimes, Phoebe Brown, Trevor Xavier, George Mason, Cicely Gabriel, Ann Marie Montrose, Jenelle Viechweg, and Lydon Lewis.

The law mandates that there should be a review of work that falls in the minimum wage schedule by the Wages Advisory Committee at least once every 3 years to update the minimum rate of wages. The last review was in 2011.


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