The Dominican Republic and France dismantle a human trafficking and smuggling network that operated in several countries

The specialized prosecutors from the Public Ministry of the Dominican Republic and France collaborated to dismantle a human trafficking network operating from Dominican territory and targeting victims in France.

In the operation conducted in the Dominican Republic, authorities arrested José Antonio Tapia Martínez and Evelin Jiménez Carela, a married couple residing in the province of La Vega. They were identified as the leaders of the network and will be extradited to France at the request of the French government.

As part of the investigation, members of the network, including Floricel Miguelina Suero Liranzo and Juan Francisco Monegro Peralta, were arrested in France. Additional arrests were made in Spain and Italy as well.

In France, the operation resulted in the rescue of 41 victims from Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic, who had been exploited by the network.


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