St Lucia welcomes 2023/2024 Cruise Ship Season with Carnival Venezia

Saint Lucia welcomed the 2023/2024 cruise ship season with open arms as the Carnival Venezia made its grand entrance on Sunday. This heralded the beginning of what is anticipated to be a bustling and prosperous season for the island, as thousands of tourists descended upon its shores.

The Carnival Venezia, a massive cruise liner, arrived with over 4,000 eager passengers, marking the start of a season that promises economic prosperity and a boost to the local tourism industry.

The ship, which boasts a maximum capacity of 5,100 passengers, brought a significant influx of visitors eager to explore the island’s natural beauty, culture, and hospitality.

Minister for Tourism, Dr Ernest Hilaire, was on hand to greet the ship’s Captain and crew and expressed his enthusiasm for the cruise season ahead.


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