Soaring fuel prices: A testament to governmental disconnect

Unfortunately, recent developments in our country’s fuel pricing policy have cast doubts over the government’s role and intentions.

Under the stewardship of the previous administration, a safeguard was judiciously put in place: a price cap on gas to ensure it didn’t surpass $15 a gallon. This wasn’t merely a populist policy; it was a well-thought-out strategy to shield the common man from the unpredictable whirlwind of soaring global fuel prices.

However, this protective veil was summarily discarded by the current administration without any substantive justification. The results? Gas now stands at a staggering $16.88 per gallon, diesel at $16.25, and kerosene — a staple for many households — at $13.13. These numbers aren’t just economic indicators; they paint a bleak picture of a government seemingly out of touch with its citizens’ day-to-day realities.


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