Rising US prices underscore significance of food security in St Lucia

As food prices in the United States continue to rise, the impact will undoubtedly be felt by Saint Lucians when they shop at supermarkets, according to Agriculture Minister Hon Alfred Prospere.

Nonetheless, he emphasizes that this situation underscores the significance of food security.

Prospere stated, “Any increase outside of Saint Lucia will mean an increase for us locally, and this is why our food import bill has always been a concern to me and the Government. This is why it is important for us to produce a lot or all of the things that we can grow here,” Prospere told reporters Tuesday ahead of a sitting of the Lower House.

The government has been working to reduce Saint Lucia’s reliance on food imports.

However, they continue to face challenges due to extreme weather events like droughts, floods, and storms, which pose a constant threat to the island’s food security. Most recently, Tropical Storm Bret caused significant disruptions in this regard.


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