Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis COP28 World Leaders Climate Action Summit Session National Statement (Transcribed) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mr President, if now is not the time for bold action in addressing this planetary crisis: when the world is on fire, is being submerged, is barreling toward 2.7 degrees Celsius, when each day reveals grimmer death tolls attributed to climate – then when is? Are we prepared to accept this as our new norm?

Our countries and our vulnerable communities cannot survive another round of inaction, nor should we accept this complacency. For SIDS: 1.5 to stay alive is still a must.

Boldly I join the bastion of leaders from the global south in particular the Caribbean Community, forced to the front lines of the climate crisis, to demand greater accountability and responsibility. Our countries will be lost to the pages of history if nothing is done. Commendably, the Bridgetown Initiative of my sister, Prime Minister Mia Mottley, will expedite equitable access, growth, and crisis response. To the COP28 presidency, we welcome the capitalization of the Loss and Damage Fund.

Our host country the UAE, as it celebrates its 52nd Union Day, is the clearest example of what it means to envision and deliver a resilient development: Action builds trust! This is necessary as we seek to narrow the widening gap between the G7 and G77.

I recall, Moderator, the situation of the Republic of China on Taiwan, a reliable global partner in the climate crisis. Saint Kitts and Nevis firmly believes that Taiwan, as an island nation, should be allowed to play a meaningful role in the existential policy drives of the United Nations.


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