PM speaks on granting citizenship to second generation Lucians in UK

Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister, Philip J Pierre, has announced that the government is preparing to introduce a new law in Parliament aimed at granting citizenship to second-generation Saint Lucians living in the United Kingdom.

This significant development comes after a recent town hall meeting held in the UK to address concerns and engage with the Saint Lucian diaspora.

The meeting provided an opportunity for dialogue with Saint Lucians residing in the UK, and several important topics were discussed, including the state of affairs on the island.

One of the major highlights of the meeting was the proposal to introduce a new law that would automatically grant citizenship to second-generation Saint Lucians born in the United Kingdom.

Prime Minister Pierre expressed his satisfaction with the outcomes of the meeting, noting, “That was a very good meeting. It was a hall filled with Saint Lucians, and they had some very good questions. They were very pleased generally as to where the country was going. They got clarification on a few issues, and I was very satisfied with the meeting.”


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