PISLM/IICA takes action to focus on strengthening resilience of agricultural lands and forests

Partnership Initiative for Sustainable Land Management (PISLM) hosted a national consultation on June 28, under the Inter American Institute for Cooperation and Agriculture (IICA)/ PISLM and Project Sustainable Land Management in Dominica, focused on strengthening the resilience of agricultural lands and forests of the island.

A letter of agreement between the IICA and the PISLM came to an end on June 30, 2023.

National Project Coordinator of PISLM Mr. Euan James stated at the consultation that IICA has done exceptionally thus far with these projects.

“We are here today to validate outputs from important projects that have been executed by the PISLM. We take pride at the office in ensuring that the people of Dominica, especially our farmers, can benefit wholesomely from these projects.


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