No talk shop! Smith eyes real gains with business community

Deputy Premier Lorna Smith is assuring residents that she expects tangible results from speaking with business owners in the community during her engagements in the coming weeks.

“I am a doer, not a talker,” the Labour Minister said during a recent JTV News interview. “So while it is important to identify the issues, it is also important to act on them to the extent that they can be acted on.“

Most of all, though, Smith said she wants to build and strengthen the business community of the territory. “Entrepreneurship in the BVI is the driver of the economy, and we want to do what we can,“ she added.

Smith’s Business Round Table meetings are slated to begin with Districts 4 and 5 today, June 21 at the Maria’s by the Sea Hotel and Smith said she wants to forge ahead with strengthening ties with the sector.

The Labour Minister stated that she has heard several concerns in the past from members of the business community, and this prompted our decision to set up engagements.


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