Letter from the Anguilla Business Community to Premier Webster

Dear Sir,

This letter is issued by and on behalf of the retail businesses listed in Annex A to this letter. Its intention is to register and underscore the very real and far-reaching and detrimental impacts to our businesses on the implementation of the GST in its present form on July 01, 2022. It emanates from a meeting of the Retail Business sector held on June16, 2022.

A wide cross section of Civil Society and indeed individual businesses have made oral and written presentations to the Comptroller of Inland Revenue and to Government at the Ministerial level including to you, Honourable Premier. The representations on the impacts and burdens of implementing the GST have been repeatedly identified – as has the lack of clarity and confusion in the measures to be undertaken for compliance. The answers given (and we include the shifting resolutions proposed by the Comptroller), have only served to increase alarm that businesses will not remain sustainable and competitive in the short, medium and long term.


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