Korea asks Dominican Republic to sign free trade agreement

Ambassador Federico Cuello says that the Barceló brand rum will soon be exported to Asian nations for cocoa and coffee.
South Korea continues to be interested in signing a free trade agreement with the Dominican Republic, which would benefit the country since the economies of both countries do not compete but complement each other.

The Dominican ambassador to South Korea, Federico Cuello, said that it is favorable to maintain bilateral relations with this Asian country because it not only seeks markets to export its products but also makes significant investments and technical advice in countries like the Dominican Republic so that they can meet the requirements of their market.

He cited as an example that it has contributed to the Dominican Republic’s export promotion policies and efficient customs, in addition to the fact that it is working on the design of an energy transition plan so that there are the regulations and investments required for the reduction of carbon emissions (Co2) in electricity generation and transportation.


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