Grenada’s CBI programme open to all nationalities

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Adrian Thomas, Leader of Government Business in the Upper House, said that Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CBI) is open to every individual, and the original nationality of an applicant will not determine the outcome of a successful application.

“The programme is open for everybody whether you are Chinese, whether you are Russian, whether you are African, the first thing this administration sees is a human being. We don’t cut you to see what blood runs through your veins whether it is African blood, Chinese blood or Russian blood,” Thomas told members in the Upper House as he contributed to the debate for the 2024 Estimate of Revenue and Expenditure or the budget.

“We are here to bring benefits to our people, and the CBI programme is a programme we are going to utilise.” Thomas informed the House on 13 December, that approximately 6 international agencies are conducting due diligence on CBI projects, developers and individual applicants.


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