FAO and the Government of Mexico offer critical support to farmers affected by drought in Antigua and Barbuda

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Government of Mexico and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda provided 1000-gallon water storage tanks to 12 farmers in Antigua and Barbuda as part of the ‘Addressing the Water-Energy Nexus in Agriculture’ (WEF) sub-project of the Mexico-CARICOM-FAO Initiative “Cooperation for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience in the Caribbean”, or Resilient Caribbean Initiative in short.

Like several countries in the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda are grappling with issues of water scarcity.

As the effects of climate change become more evident with sea levels rising and rainfall patterns changing, freshwater availability and quality is decreasing while the frequency and severity of droughts increase.


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