Antigua & Barbuda: PM defends bias towards tourism investments

Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda Gaston Browne has defended the government’s policy to attract investment in the tourism sector.“There’s no replacement (for) tourism,” he asserted in a recent speech, adding, “those of you who believe we have maxed out our benefits from tourism, we’re just peeping into that sector!” The Opposition has criticised the […]

ECCB projects 8.1% growth for Antigua’s economy in 2023

Data until September 2023 from the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank predicts 8.1 percent economic growth for Antigua & Barbuda by 2023.The outcome was 8.2% growth in 2021, 9.5 percent in 2022, and 8.1% growth in 2023, unsurpassed by any nation save Guyana with its recent oil and gas extraction. “My government is proud to have […]

Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority Sets Ambitious Green Energy Agenda

Senator Mary-Claire Hurst, the Port Chairman of Antigua and Barbuda, revealed ambitious plans to transform the country’s port into the first green energy port in the Caribbean. The central focus of the project involves the installation of solar panels and the construction of an energy storage facility. The visionary initiative aims at decarbonizing the port […]

CPL confirms Jamaica Tallawahs to be replaced by Antigua-based franchise

Jamaica Tallawahs, the 2022 Caribbean Premier League champions, will not feature in the tournament’s 2024 season and will be replaced by a new franchise based in Antigua and Barbuda. Amidst the celebratory echoes of the Tallawahs’ triumph, an unexpected announcement rippled through the cricketing community. The Tallawahs, with their storied legacy, would not grace the […]

Attorney General says Antigua is the safest country in the Caribbean

Public Safety Minister Sir Steadroy Cutie Benjamin this week tackled concerns over safety and security in Antigua and Barbuda, highlighting the nation’s remarkably low murder rates compared to its Caribbean counterparts. Minister Benjamin emphatically declared, “Antigua and Barbuda is on the path to becoming a haven of safety once more, where our people can live […]

Recall of Antigua and Barbuda Machine Readable Passport extends indefinitely

The Passport and Citizenship Division of Antigua and Barbuda has announced that through a Decision of the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda, it has extended the deadline for the mandatory recall period for all Antigua and Barbuda Machine Readable Passports indefinitely. The decision was taken in light of the continuing impact of global events on […]

Antigua government still plans to revive LIAT

The Antigua and Barbuda government Friday said it has embraced the responsibility to restructure and resurrect cash-strapped regional airline, LIAT, with a “with a vision of returning the airline to the regional skies”.Prime Minister Gaston Browne, delivering the EC$1.3 billion (One EC dollar=US$0.37 cents) national budget to Parliament, said that the airline, which has been […]

Here is a list of actions the Antigua government has taken to combat prices and inflation

Buffering Impact of Global Factors:The government highlighted that the inflation experienced since January 2022 was attributed to global factors, such as rising fuel and commodity prices.Emphasized that government policies served as a significant buffer, mitigating more challenging circumstances for the nation.Monitoring and Assessment:Referenced the IMF Article IV assessment on Antigua and Barbuda as a tool […]

Gaston Browne administration introduces new fiscal measures to strengthen revenue collection

We will introduce a number of fiscal measures in 2024, to strengthen revenue collection, reduce distortions in the tax system and improve taxpayer compliance.” Those were the words of Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne in Parliament on Friday as he presented the government’s 2024 National Budget. During the presentation, Prime Minister Browne announced adjustments […]

Antigua & Barbuda Allocates $30 Million for LIAT 2020

Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced on Friday a significant financial commitment of $30 million in the 2024 budget to breathe new life into LIAT 2020 Ltd, marking a pivotal moment in the effort to revive the beleaguered airline. LIAT, a longstanding pillar of Caribbean aviation, faced a myriad of challenges in 2023, including the aftermath […]


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