WEBSTER is one of the top law firms in the Caribbean with areas of specialisation in Real Estate, Property, Estate & Tax Planning, Family Offices, International Commercial Litigation, Corporate and Commercial law, Governmental and Constitutional Affairs, Intellectual Property, Employment Law, Offshore Finance and Registered Office Facilities.
Our objectives

To be the leading law firm in Anguilla and Nevis, providing true global reach through quality networks worldwide
To be one of the top law firms in the Caribbean
To deliver the highest standards of advice and service
To understand client needs
To understand the commercial environment in Anguilla and Nevis
To help clients achieve the right commercial outcomes
To provide cross-border advice to Anguillian, Nevisian and international clients
We aim to be the first choice law firm in both Anguilla and Nevis for clients seeking a creative approach to problem solving and strategic planning. Some already view us in that light, but in order to retain and enhance that reputation we must give our total and sustained commitment to satisfying clients’ needs.


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