5 Citizenship By Investment projects decertified

A Citizenship by Investment (CBI) approved project whose main office is in Nova Scotia, Canada, is among 5 projects recently decertified by the CBI office, and as a result, the developer(s) or owner(s) are to refrain from sourcing potential investors for these projects.Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell announced in June 2023 that the office was in the process of decertifying several projects because they failed to commence despite being approved years before his administration was elected to office in June 2022. “If you have been approved and you have not started the project, there is no indication that you intend to do so, we will not hesitate in ensuring that we decertify the project,” he said in an interview to mark to the 1st anniversary of his administration in office.

All 5 projects were decertified on 7 July 2023 and published in the 4 August edition of the Government Gazette. The decertification notices were signed by Thomas Anthony, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the CBI office.


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